Last week

26 02 2012

What a busy week! Learning how to make 10 with Numicon, making, baking and eating pancakes and making pictograms!
We thought you might like to see some pictures…

This week 21st February 2012 on PhotoPeach

How we learn to…

8 02 2012

You may have noticed that we have created a new page on our blog called “How we…”. Please visit the page to look at videos that we have found that we think are a useful way to show you how we teach basic skills. Please keep visiting our sites for updates and new videos.

Chinese New Year

29 01 2012

Chinese New Year on PhotoPeach

Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year from FS2

22 12 2011

Next week 28th November

26 11 2011

Next week we will be reading The Mixed Up Chameleon as part of our COLOURS topic and mixing colours. Whilst the usual learning goes on we are also busy rehearsing for our Nativity – you may have heard some of the songs at home! A letter will be going out this week telling all parents and carers which characters the children are. We thank you in advance for your help with this and hope that you have made a date in your diary so that you can come and see us!


Friday Afternoon Tea

26 11 2011

Afternoon Tea on PhotoPeach

Next week 21/11/11

19 11 2011

So far this term we have learnt the story of Rama and Sita and made Diwali lamps. We have read lots of Elmer stories and acted them out and  made our own Elmer pictures as collages and on the computers as well as lots of other things. In Numeracy we have been practising counting up (and down which is so much trickier!) and made groups of objects and worked out the total. If you look at one of our photos really carefully you can see some of us have even been writing number sentences too! Can you also spot who is taking part in a baptism?

Next week is Brown Bear, Brown Bear week where we will be mixing up lots of colours to see what colours we get, sequencing the story and trying to retell our own Brown Bear story as well. Our new RE topic is visitors so we will be preparing for a visitor on Friday afternoon when we will have afternoon tea with them. In Numeracy we will be finding one more or one less of a number and again some of us will try to write a number sentence to show this.

What have we been up to?

19 11 2011

WHWBU2 (or what have we been up to!) on PhotoPeach

Our new Storyphones!

6 11 2011


Our Topic is Colour

6 11 2011

This half term we will be learning about colour – from rainbows to chameleons, the children will be learning how to mix different colours and use different media to make different things – from collages to diwa lamps.

If you have any suggestions for our new blog please post a comment. We will be posting videos and photos to show what we have been up to!